5 Aug 2015

Stories in the media of horrific events taking place within our schools and college campuses are becoming more frequent. Teachers and administrators alike face new challenges and must work together to develop new plans; however, rather than the traditional lesson plan, campus personnel around the nation are taking precautionary measures and working together to develop written plans and drills on how to respond to active shooters and emergency situations, as well as implementing security and notification systems within their schools and campuses. The plans help ensure the safety of our children and staff from grade school to college and university campuses.   

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 88 percent of public schools had a written plan of how to respond in an active shooter situation, while 93 percent of schools have some kind of system that provides controlled access to school buildings during school hours (including locked or monitored doors). Further, 68 percent of schools require faculty and staff to wear badges or picture IDs to gain access to various sites within a building or campus.

While most higher education campuses appear to be safe, crime still exists at many colleges and universities. Access control coupled with video surveillance has become an important function in higher education institutions securing not only the safety of students, but also personal items, lab or electronic equipment, materials and software within many of these buildings. By being able to see the comings and goings of individuals, campuses are able to help prevent potential crimes such as theft, assault and robberies from happening. Access control also helps in lockdown situations, ensuring others are not being placed in the path of a potentially harmful situation. Other advantages of access control systems include immediate deactivation of reported lost or stolen card keys, the ability to automatically lock or unlock doors at pre-determined times, and reports on card reader activity.

Standard key locks have quickly become a thing of the past because of the high risks associated with them. How often have you or a friend lost your keys? Standard keys can be easily duplicated and locks can be picked providing access to criminals as simple as 1-2-3. Switching to key cards and electronic readers, or digital locks controlled by a campus-wide access control system, has now become the smarter alternative.

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