16 Jun 2015

As businesses and organizations look to integrators and manufacturers to create and install advanced access control technology, it’s important to look at some of the key markets where these systems make the most sense. Industries such as banking, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, legal, accounting, government and more depend on access control technology to monitor visitors, control access to restricted areas and protect assets, not to mention keep their employees safe from a number of threats.

Some of the most important features of an access control solution include integration capability, scalability and ease of use, defining characteristics of the solutions for which Vanderbilt has become known.

But how do we know which solution fits the needs of our customers and their businesses? Let’s take a look at these three solutions: lite blue™, bright blue® and SMS:

  • lite blue: Not all organizations require large-scale solutions that can span the globe, which is why Vanderbilt created lite blue™, a 2-door Web-based access control system with expansion capabilities to eight devices. The solution utilizes embedded intelligence, and doesn’t require special software of a dedicated PC – which allows smaller businesses the flexibility to manage the system from anywhere with Internet access – making access control that much more convenient. lite blue is also capable of supporting a number of card formats and technologies, such as proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe and Bluetooth. It also boasts scalability, easily expanding to work with the bright blue system as a company’s needs change.
  • bright blue: Small- to medium-sized applications best fit the capabilities of the Vanderbilt bright blue® system, which allows security officials to manage up to 32 doors and 5,000 cardholders with ease. It contains embedded intelligence, which means it also runs on a standard Web browser, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing officials to access, monitor and manage the system with ease. Integrating the bright blue system with video links each card swipe with video feed, allowing users to perform investigations easily and quickly.
  • SMS: Serving large-scale businesses and organizations, such as those within the healthcare or higher education markets, Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS) is a single-source solution for integrating a facility’s access control technologies, digital video and alarm monitoring systems, allowing users to do the following: manage alarms, photo ID badging, visitor management, elevator control, online and offline locks, advanced reporting and much more. Not only is the SMS solution easy to use, they’re also scalable so that companies can grow their security system to match their business growth – all the while serving the endless number of cardholders possible with the SMS. Paired with Vanderbilt’s full line of expandable access control hardware or integrated with existing hardware investments, SMS can fit a number of organizations with limited budgets.

Whether your company has two doors to secure or hundreds to safeguard, access control is imperative to the safety and security of a company’s assets, visitors and employees. It’s important to ensure the best possible fit for your solution. For more information about Vanderbilt’s suite of access control technology, visit www.vanderbiltindustries.com.