12 May 2020

"A perfect security system": Customer praise for SPC

SPC is Vanderbilt’s award-winning intrusion detection system.

SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets. It is an intrusion detection system that offers versatile and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Through the use of cloud services, End-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

Don’t believe us? Then take our customers’ word for it.

Easy to program & use

SPC is reliable, easy to program and use. Its best feature is the simplified programming, and the cloud. I would highly recommend it to a friend and it is very easy to use.
Bruno Sembiante, SIS FRANCE.


SPC’s best feature is its versatility. The systems multilingual options are a great addition. I would highly recommend it to a friend.
Reto Diethelm, CEO, Telsec ESS Schweiz AG.

Perfect functionality

SPC is a perfect security system that combines intrusion detection and access control solutions and fulfills all customer requirements. The app has perfect functionality with remote access for remote maintenance. You can use SPC to protect anything from private homes to museums. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.
Franz Sturm, CEO, proSec Sicherheitstechnik, Austria.

Door control

SPC has a good, functional app. Its best features are door control and the app. SPC is very easy to use.
Paulo Jovanovic, CEO, BioFive in Austria GmbH.

Security for every need

SPC has security for every need. Its best feature is the audio verification because this is a unique selling point. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.
Michael Röhrenbacher, G4S Security Systems GmbH.

Modern & reliable

SPC is modern and reliable. Its best feature is the SPC app because it is clear and mobile. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.
Stefan Schwager, Engineer, SCHWAGER-SKE GmbH.


One word I would use to describe SPC is innovative. Its best feature is remote access, therefore it offers good, fast service. I would highly recommend it to a friend.
André Bendermacher, CEO, BC Technik GmbH i.G.


In one word, I would describe SPC as brilliant. Its best features are the web interface and audio-video verification. I would highly recommend it to a friend.
Lukas Michalski, Gf/Technical Manager, Nemesys-Sicherheitstechnik.

One for all

The SPC family is one for all - we can use it flexibly from the smallest to the largest project. Its best feature is SPC Connect because it offers huge added value for the customer and also simplifies remote diagnosis and management of the systems for us as installers. So far we have had no customer inquiries that we could not resolve with SPC.
Christian Lehofer, Head of Division, Alarmtech, Klimatech Handels- und Service GmbH.

Simply Perfect

SPC is simply perfect, with great remote maintenance options. The SPC intrusion detection system is in my opinion the best technology on the market. I always use the numerous cause and effect programming options. With this I was able to offer numerous customers "special effects" solutions. I have often used SPC technology not only as a burglar alarm system. Logical controls were also implemented by the SPC. That helped a lot. I would highy recommend it to a friend. It is easy to use.
Christian Foitl, Owner, CONCEPT Sicherheitstechnik