31 Mar 2015

A Look Inside the Culture of Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt isn’t your typical technology company, and our corporate culture is just as unique as the products we offer. We work hard to create the best possible solutions for our customers. Behind each product is a close-knit, innovative team that includes some of the best minds in the industry.

At our office in Parsippany, N.J., our team members have some serious staying power. The average employee at Vanderbilt has been with the company for more than 15 years, which we believe is a testament to our strong and positive company culture.

More than anything, our team shares a common direction and vision. We are passionate about building trust, advancing technology and leading innovation for future generations. This passion is a huge part of why we’ve been so successful over the years.

An overwhelming majority of our end users have been clients for decades. We focus on forming long-term relationships that allow us to deliver the finest in safety and security solutions to our end users. Not only do we value the feedback and teamwork that our clients bring, we strive to bring them the same quality and innovation that has been a part of our everyday lives for years.

As you can see, Vanderbilt is a company that’s focused on finding its own path. We place enormous value on our employees, and on innovation and end-user satisfaction. From these commitments comes a strong and growing business with a passion for being the best.

Join us for our next blog post, which takes a closer look at Vanderbilt’s industry-leading technology offerings.