16 Mar 2016

A Case for Unified Platforms

When thinking in terms of how society functions today, we’d like to present a riddle: “Everyone seems to never have enough of these two things.”

Give up?

Time and money — people are always seeking ways to save time and money, or gain both, and this trend continues consistently into the nature of enterprise operations. As companies develop plans to maintain and grow into the future, a crucial part is to achieve optimal, overall security while saving these two precious commodities. In terms of enterprise security, a unified security platform accomplishes both while adding multiple other benefits.

A unified security platform blends various security solutions into a single, intuitive platform that simplifies operations, giving the immediate benefit of greater efficiency. Users are able to manage many different systems from a single platform, which saves time because jumping from one screen to another for the sake of investigation, or when handling a real- time, security-related event, is no longer an issue. Additional time savings is created by streamlining workflows and processes, allowing enterprises to do more with existing security resources, which also provides money savings as well. If the security department of an enterprise can do just as much or more with the resources they already have, there is no need to invest time or money into training and staffing more personnel or purchasing and learning new security solutions.

While investing in a security solution should not be all about saving money, being able to reduce the investment into a product that ensures the enterprise achieves their security goals while obtaining, processing and using critical information as quickly and accurately as possible is the key.

Integrating access control technologies with digital video and alarm monitoring systems via a unified platform enhances situational awareness, enabling operators to see, for example, when an alarm is triggered and immediately view the location of the alarm trigger with digital video by accessing the camera on the same platform. Seeing these events take place almost simultaneously, the operator quickly gathers the necessary information to make a near real-time decision on how to address the event. These intuitive functionalities give enterprises greater control of overall security.

Simplification and unified platforms save end users time and money by integrating many security applications – such as video and access control data – into a single platform. This empowers the end user to rapidly respond to emerging situations based on various pieces of the event puzzle coming together to tell the full story.