Building Collaboration for Maximum Network Security

4 Aug 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a household term; with the rise in cloud…

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Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is Winner at Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017

1 Aug 2017

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is a winner in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017. The cloud-based…

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The demand of hospital environments means Access is essential

24 Jul 2017

Many sectors have complex needs for role-based access control. For example, in hospitals…

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Maximizing Security at Major Sporting Events

20 Jul 2017

How does a host city or country maximize safety and security at a major international…

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SPC & KNXlogic: A combination that delivers convenience and safety

17 Jul 2017

In today’s technologically driven culture of consumer demand, the integration of products…

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We understand the issues you face: Universities

13 Jul 2017

The education sector is a gateway to the future for young people all over the world. But to…

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The SPC Connect app puts control in the hands of the End User

11 Jul 2017

Technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it. One of the main driving forces…

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Vanderbilt makes its foray into cloud access control

9 Jul 2017

The following article appeared in Security Info Watch.

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Navigating the Waters Personally and Professionally

6 Jul 2017

John Anselmo, VP of Engineering, Vanderbilt

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How ACT365 hit ace maximizing use of tennis facilities

3 Jul 2017

ACT365 gives users control of multiple access points from a single unified interface, and…

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