20 Feb 2018

FAQ: 5 Things To Know About Vanderbilt's ACT

Vanderbilt ACT is a network-based access control system. Coupling the ACTEnterprise software, ACT streamlines the installation, management, and monitoring of the ACT pro access control hardware and delivers seamless integration with video and workforce management applications.

What are the main features of this range?

  • Simple plug and play with device detection
  • Simple wiring with IP or RS485 at the door
  • Flat system architecture
  • Fully customizable to your requirements
  • From one door to 32 to 99 to 4000

What benefits do these features bring to the buyer?

  1. There are no complicated quotations with ACT – merely count the doors, and you’re done. A simplified component list means your specifications will be consistently reliable with less possibility of omissions.
  2. Building the bottom line - You’ll appreciate ACT’s ease and reliability of installation, and the way it helps your profitability. The system is engineered from first principles to speed installation and configuration. With ACT, you’ll see fewer callbacks, more satisfied customers, more completed jobs, and more repeat business.

What other essential features does this range possess?

ACT’s panel software works up to 32 doors, where Enterprise software takes over and is free to 99 doors. After that, it is easily upgradeable to 4,000 doors. This gives you and your customers a flexible, cost-efficient, access control management platform to operate from. Anything over 99 doors is a simple upgrade license.

ACT is faster to install as it gives you the choice of IP at the door, as well as the traditional RS485 installation method. The intuitive software interface is segmented into three user types “installing, managing, and monitoring.”

What are typical applications for this range?

  1. Healthcare - The flexibility of the ACT range allows you to efficiently manage public areas and permit access to restricted areas while preventing unauthorized access.
  2. Education - High numbers of students and staff seek access to multiple public areas, offices, sports facilities and student accommodation. ACT MIFARE, smart card solutions, ensure you are using the most robust and secure technology for your campus in the most efficient way.
  3. Transport - With global threats to air and ground transport hubs ever present, real-time site-map monitoring by security staff will help ensure the safety of staff and the public. ACT Enterprise software offers a scalable, multi-site solution.
  4. Government and Municipal - The highest level of security is required for Government buildings, Military installations, Police Stations, and Courthouses. The ACT range will ensure the highest level of protection against card-fraud and security breaches.

What 3rd party integrations exist with this range?

  1. Fire Alarm - ACT hardware integrates with your fire panel. The ACT system can be configured to open all doors in the event of a fire automatically. The ACT system is the industry leader in fire panel integration as both our wired systems and wireless systems will automatically unlock in the event of a fire. A muster report will also automatically be sent to a designated printer, and an email sent to appropriate personnel with a list of all people on site at the time of the fire.
  2. Intruder Alarm - ACT hardware integrates with any intruder alarm securing your premises and reducing false alarms. This integration allows the user to arm or disarm their alarm from their keypad (ACT 1050e) when arriving to the building in the morning or leaving at night.
  3. Video - ACTEnterprise software has integrated with video manufacturers to allow you to associate doors with cameras to provide video evidence of an access control event. For a true integration supported by one manufacturer see ACTviquest and Eventys.
  4. Biometric - For high-security doors, biometric solutions should be considered. ACT Enterprise has integrated with leading biometric manufacturers to offer choice and flexibility.
  5. Long range & third-party readers - ACT controllers will operate with third-party long-range readers useful for vehicle barriers, wheelchair access or when hands-free access is required. ACT controllers are compatible with all readers that give a Wiegand or clock and data output.
  6. Time and Attendance - ACTEnterprise comes complete with a time and attendance report. If more significant functionality is required ACT Enterprise integrates with leading time and attendance software providers to allow you to benefit from a complete T&A system while using existing ACTpro hardware.
  7. Cashless Vending - Utilize MIFARE or MIFARE DESFire EV1 card technology to create a cashless society in your organization. Use your access control card to pay for meals, goods, and services.