10 Feb 2020

5 Ways to Nurture Integrator Relationships

If you’re at all familiar with Vanderbilt, you’re probably well aware that we place a significant amount of time and effort into developing powerful and strategic relationships across the industry. These partnerships can provide value in various ways, with one of the most important being the benefits that are created through a strong manufacturer/integrator relationship.

Our overall goal is to deliver agility, dependability and adaptability to end users through intelligent technology solutions that are designed to meet unique security needs — and this could not be done without our integrator partners. Integrators are extremely important to the success of an installation and their attention to detail can be instrumental when it comes to customer satisfaction.

These relationships therefore must be nurtured over time, which can be done through the manufacturer in five key ways:

Keep open lines of communication

Since integrators see both sides of a project, they have the ability to fully understand the customer’s requirements while trying to figure out the best way a manufacturer’s technology can help address them. But this insight requires effective communication between the manufacturer and integrator, with the manufacturer frequently providing updates and new information regarding its products.

Invest in comprehensive training programs

Part of making a project easier for an integrator involves providing them with the right tools to do their job. Whether online or in-house, informative, engaging and high-quality training sessions offered by the manufacturer can ensure an integrator is thoroughly knowledgeable and also up to date when it comes to new products or upgrades.

Focus on customer support

There are going to be instances where a device malfunctions or an issue arises with a product, despite training and open communication. In this case, it’s critical to ensure that integrators can easily and efficiently access helpful customer support that allows them to effectively troubleshoot and create a resolution for the customer in a timely fashion.

Provide reliable technology

Though this one may seem obvious, there are a few characteristics that tend to stand out to integrators when it comes to installing new technologies, such as reliability, ease of use, interoperability and quality. Integrators want solutions that help to achieve the desired outcome in a seamless and efficient manner, and it’s up to the manufacturer to ensure that its products meet these standards.

Attend integrator events

Showing support for integrators is paramount for manufacturers, and this involves attending industry events to stay on top of the latest trends and conversations. Integrators have a broad reach when it comes to their audience, so these events are beneficial for both sides, allowing manufacturers to learn more about the conversations integrators are having with end users.

Vanderbilt is looking forward to embracing one of our integrator partners, GC&E Systems Group, at its Converged Security Summit (CSS) 2020 in Atlanta on Feb. 27. The one-day, comprehensive program will bring together experts in physical, electronic and information security to discuss best-practice countermeasures to safeguarding IT infrastructure and information assets, as well as proven solutions for perimeter security, privacy and employee safety.

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