ACTpro Training Certs for Techpro Vietnam

23 Jun 2022

The first training certificates were recently handed out to our partners Techpro Vietnam.

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The Cloud is Coming for the Access Control Market

16 Jun 2022


Author: Alexander Holmström

Regular service and maintenance of all security systems are essential to ensure a high…

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SPC protects over 400 alarm zones at Maritime Museum

9 Jun 2022

The Maritime Culture Center is a branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

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Product Recap: Razberi Core released

7 Jun 2022

May saw a flurry of activity from ACRE International’s Product Line.

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The Rapid Growth of Digitalization

2 Jun 2022


Author: Alexander Scheffold

The overall cost savings of migrating to cloud services is expected to drive more than 85%…

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Editorial: Surge for security solutions in Sweden as pandemic recedes

31 May 2022


Author: Tobias Olofsson

The security industry in Sweden is thriving, with installers in short supply to meet the…

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Access Control Integration Trends: What Can We Look Forward To?

26 May 2022

Let's take an in-depth look at current trends in access control and make our predictions…

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Cybersecurity in 2022: Protecting Today's Organizations

24 May 2022

In 2022, cybercrime is ever-increasing, and it's risen every year since its inception.

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What are the benefits of ComNet’s Wireless Ethernet Media Converters?

19 May 2022


Author: Iain Deuchars

Last in the series are wireless Ethernet media converters. This is a little different in…

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