SPC continues to innovate with latest customer-driven features

17 Aug 2017

Wiesbaden, Germany, August, 2017 - Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art…

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SPC Connect latest feature developments attest to Vanderbilt’s agility

14 Aug 2017

​Wiesbaden, Germany, August, 2017 - Vanderbilt, a global leader providing…

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Benchmark Innovation Win Proves ACT365’s Power

9 Aug 2017

ACT365’s latest triumph, a win in the Access Control Software category of the Benchmark…

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Building Collaboration for Maximum Network Security

4 Aug 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a household term; with the rise in cloud…

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Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is Winner at Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017

1 Aug 2017

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is a winner in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017. The cloud-based…

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The demand of hospital environments means Access is essential

24 Jul 2017

Many sectors have complex needs for role-based access control. For example, in hospitals…

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Maximizing Security at Major Sporting Events

20 Jul 2017

How does a host city or country maximize safety and security at a major international…

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SPC & KNXlogic: A combination that delivers convenience and safety

17 Jul 2017

In today’s technologically driven culture of consumer demand, the integration of products…

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We understand the issues you face: Universities

13 Jul 2017

The education sector is a gateway to the future for young people all over the world. But to…

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