SPC is complete, scalable, and reliable. Its best feature is SPC Connectand its simple connection to the web page of the control panel through the cloud. It has helped me solve problems such as allowing me to pool small intrusion and access control configurations on a single system. I would highly recommend SPC because it is very easy to use.

Jérémy Libournet, Co-Manager, Sarl Evolsur.

SPC is a connected alarm system manageable from both a webpage and the cloud. Its best feature is FlexC communications protocol which is fast and flexible. SPC has helped me solved problems by being able to intervene remotely and rapidly to make modifications to the system. I would highly recommend SPC because it is very easy to use.

Kevin Mouradian, Manager, Serenitys

ACT Enterprise is a simple access control solution with economical hardware. My favourite feature is the easy-to-use software. Thanks to ACT Enterprise I have been able to win projects because of the simplicity of the software. I would recommend ACT Enterprise because it easy to use.

Christophe Malolepszy, Regional Manager, CCF 44

SPC is a great product. The system’s best feature belongs to SPC Connect and the smartphone app that allow for remote management and maintenance. SPC’s ability to integrate with video cameras has helped us solve many problems. SPC is very easy to use. I would highly recommend it.

Bruno Belard, Contract Manager, Vinci Facilities

SPC’s best feature is how easy it is to use SPC Connect to remotely manage and maintain the system. In addition, there is also new firmware or features that keep the system rapidly evolving and up to date. I would recommend SPC.

Yassine M’Fitel, Technical & Commercial Sales, Serviacom

SPC is a practical, reliable, and a complete solution. SPC’s best features are the ability to remotely access the system for emergency management, as well as it’s access control compatibility with a large number of readers. The remote access feature has undoubtedly helped us solve a lot of problems. I would highly recommend SPC. It is easy to use.

Germain Yohann, Purchasing & Logistics Manager, AB Sécurité

SPC is very easy to implement and operate. The system’s web connectivity is its best feature. Thanks to SPC’s web connection and remote management features it has helped me solve many problems. I would highly recommend SPC. It is easy to use.

Thomas Gele, Sygmatel Electronique

SPC is a powerful and flexible security solution. Its standout feature is its management through the cloud thanks to the SPC Connect platform. Thanks to the remote management through the cloud it has reduced unnecessary travel for me as all sites can be managed remotely through SPC Connect.

Stephane Le Quellec, Business Manager, Sygmatel Electronique

SPC is the complete product. It responds to all requirements and is a very popular product with all of our customers that use it. I would highly recommend SPC as it is very easy-to-use.

Serge Malherbe, Sales, ADI Nantes

SPC is a simple to use, robust, and user-friendly intrusion system. The SPC web interface is the product’s best feature. Thanks to SPC’s integration features, it has helped us win projects that required integration with video protection software. I would highly recommend SPC as it is very easy-to-use.

Christophe Malolepszy, Regional Sales, CCF

SPC is a very reliable and very intuitive system to install., and also comes with simple access control features for the end user too. I would highly recommend SPC to a friend. It is very easy-to-use.

Lionel Guerin, Technical Sales, CCF Nantes

Say goodbye to the card or token and welcome the secure mobile credential issued by the system administrator. That's taking access control to new levels of security. Well done, Vanderbilt!

Derek Alan De Souza, System User

The future is now! Bluetooth will become the most popular readers, as mobile credentials will take over the role of and keys in the future, just as it has done with many other things like the wallet, camera, computer, music player, TV and movies, and e-books etc. Why hold on to unnecessary things?

Magnus Olofsson, ComDaTe AB (Sweden)

Vanderbilt's ACT is an access control system that meets complex requirements despite simple system architecture. Ingenious!

Stephan Ruchti, Managing Director , Siedler Alarm GmbH (Switzerland)

When you do my job and you have to manage Vanderbilt products, it's like loving cars and sitting in a Porsche! You take your time and appreciate every second of your installation!

Sebastien Gaillard, Senior Manager, SoPro Elec

SPC is a very stable alarm system with a long history. The system's best feature is its stability and easy programming combined with today's actual technologies. The main benefits we have found using SPC is that it has a nice market position between middle to big systems. Overall, I would summarize SPC by simply saying that it is easy-to-use.

Ondřej Maňas,Sales, SCANLOCK CZ

Due to installing Vanderbilt’s SPC system, the museum is safe. The system meets our expectations in the field of security. Thanks to their wireless equipment (receivers and detectors) we can protect the exhibits in the temporary exhibition. Vanderbilt turned out to be a very helpful company in installing and programming the security system in the building of the museum.

Michał Drobczyński, Maritime Culture Center, branch of National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, Poland

SPC is versatile, advanced, scalable and complete.

Gian Franco Ghilardi, CEO, Gruppo Sicurezza S.r.l. – Martinengo BG Italy

In one or more words, I would describe ACT365 as user friendly. I like the cloud-based feature best because it is so easy to access. On top of that, Vanderbilt’s technical services are excellent and questions are answered promptly and with expertise.

Ollie Law, Managing Director, Oliver Law Security Ltd

SPC is user friendly and modern. The SPC Connect app is by far, much better than other manufacturers. The main benefits of SPC is that it is easy-to-use for both the installer and the system user. I would highly recommend SPC.

Jimmy Kristensson, Security Manager, Br. Axelssons EL