SPC is a stable product. My favourite feature is the web interface. SPC solves problems in a simple way. I would strongly recommend SPC because it is easy to use.

Sjur Skålvik, Project Manager, Caverion Norge AS dept. Ålesund

I would describe SPC as versatile. My favourite feature is SPC Connect, because it makes it so easy for both the customer and us as technicians to log on to the various facilities around the country. With SPC, we solve most challenges and solutions that customers want. I would highly recommend it. It is very easy to use.

General Manager, GTD Security AS, Øystein Gjerde

I would summarize SPC as functional, stable, easy-to-learn, and future-oriented. The best feature is the SPC Connect app. This makes delivering remote assistance to our customers easier, while the app also helps them easily perform actions on their own system. Simply put, SPC is a stable, future-oriented burglar alarm system. I would strongly recommend SPC to a friend as it is easy to use.

SensorLine AS.

Vanderbilt is one of the market's best companies in continuing to develop new products and their support is distinguished.

Avarn Security Sweden

We chose Vanderbilt’s ACT access control because it is user friendly and reliable. The Vanderbilt solution complied with all of our client’s requirements. It is installed and working successfully.

Siddharth Jindal, HCFL India

I have been working with Vanderbilt for many years. I know the company well and trust their ACTpro access control solution. I always send my project requirements to Vanderbilt first for a consultation. I have a comfortable working relationship with them.

Berg Kok, Wincheer, Wincheer

SPC is professional and very easy-to-use. My favourite feature is the cloud application and video integration.

Konstantinos Mechleris, ESA Security Solutions S.A.

My favorite SPC features is SPC Connect and the programing interface. SPC is easy to sell to customers, such as home, industries and real estates. I would highly recommend SPC as it is easy to use.

Rasmus Brandt, Security Technician, Bravida Prenad AB

I would describe SPC Connect as awesome and practical. My favorite features are the product’s speed and simplicity. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT Enterprise is that I can control my system from anywhere.

Sebastien Lamouche, Sales Manager, AB Securite

The main benefit I experienced using SPC is the products diversity.

M'Fitel Yassine, Technical – Commercial, Serviacom

I would describe SPC as professional. My favorite feature is the scope and reliability of the RS485 BUS. The main benefit I experienced using SPC is access control with a connection of any reader.

Alexandre Hassenboehler, Technical, Commercial, Serviacom

In one word, I would describe SPC as powerful. I love the technical possibilities that the product allows. It has benefitted me most through its reliability.

Peter Lock, Technician, Francofa Eurodis

I would strongly recommend SPC as it is a very easy to use intrusion system.

Brice Peltier, Installer, Deoust Electricite

SPC is cool and very friendly. I would strongly recommend using SPC as it is very easy to use.

Mr Bruno Belard, Contract Manager, Vinci Facilities Troyes

My favourite SPC feature is that it is simple to install and reliable unit. Overall, SPC is an easy system to use.

David Poirel, Siemens BT - FR

SPC has many useful functions, with many installation possibilities and connections ways. I would highly recommend using SPC.

Erduan Spahic, Technician, Telehantering i Stockholm AB

I would describe ACT Enterprise as user friendly. My favorite feature is Time & Attendance. It’s a great asset to the small and medium businesses we install for. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT Enterprise is it’s very easy to navigate and is well supported technically. I would strongly recommend using ACT Enterprise. It is very easy to use.

Barry Horgan, Company Director, Westside Security Systems Ltd

SPC Connect is an excellent tool for an engineer that helps us service our customers without the need to be onsite. My favourite feature is the mobile app. It is very handy when we need to help our customers. It is fast and easy. The main benefit I have experienced using SPC Connect is much less driving time. 24 hour service has been made easy.

Jens Kristian Hornstrup, Chief Engineer , FD Alarmer A/S

I would describe SPC Connect as fantastic, awesome. My favorite feature is the remote maintenance. The main benefit I have experienced from using SPC Connect is winning time. I would strongly recommend using SPC Connect. It is very easy to use.

Paul Compas, Business Manager, Monnier

I would describe SPC Wireless as more secure. In my opinion, wireless intrusion devices are more effective. The main benefit I got from working with SPC Wireless is how fast they are to install. I would highly recommend using SPC Wireless devices as they are very easy to use.

Omer Abdalla, IEC Engineering

In a word, SPC Wireless is flexible. My favourite feature is the Wireless Siren. The main benefit I get from using SPC Wireless is not having to use cables. I would recommend SPC Wireless because it is very easy to use.

Morten Riisgaard, Technical Support, Elsec A/S

I would describe SPC Wireless as easy to use. My favourite feature is it is nice and easy to use. The main benefit I have experienced using SPC Wireless is it is an easy way to expand the installation to areas where it is not possible to wire.

Mikkel Bærentzen, Security Technician, Bravida Denmark

SPC Wireless is a fantastic product range. It is easy to configure and easy to install. My favourite feature is adding devices is so easy. SPC Wireless is easy to install, has a stylish design, and is a steady product.

Dave Arys, General Manager, Waasland Security

SPC is a very complete and versatile panel. My favorite feature is the system’s versatility for configurations. I would recommend using SPC.

Alberto Hernández Pascual, Technical Support, Saima Seguridad S.A.

SPC is reliable, easy to mount, and program. My favorite feature is the web browser programming because there is no special cable and software. The main benefits I have experienced using SPC are the remote maintenance and the system’s large range of equipment.

Jens Kristian Hornstrup, Chief Engineer , FD Alarmer A/S

In a word, I would describe ACT365 as handy. My favorite feature is the system’s cloud access because it is easy to manage. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT365 is because there is no server, no software installation is required.

Sami Aitosalo, CEO, Salon Lukko ja Helahoito Oy

ACT Enterprise is an excellent access control system. Its best feature is the ability to see both local and remote controllers. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT Enterprise is the central control of multiple buildings and thousands of users.

JME Services Ltd

My favourite thing about ACT Enterprise is its logical tool set. In addition, a main benefit that I have got from using the system is its integration with Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion system. I would recommend using ACT Enterprise to a friend.

Aurimas Viltrakis, Division Manager, UAB Siemtecha

SPC is easy and reliable. My favourite feature is that after getting setup, there is very little else required from a technician. The main benefit I have had with SPC is how easy it is to setup. It is very easy to use.

Martin Brygger-Dahlstrøm, Technician, Siemens A/S

In one word, I would describe ACT365 as great. I like ACT365’s ease of accessibility best. The main benefit I have experienced using ACT365 is being able to use it anywhere. I would strongly recommend ACT365. It is very easy to use.

Graham Wheatley, Engineer, Catch Security Systems

SPC is a modular, reliable, and modern system. My favorite features are the easy firmware upgrade and installation, and the overall user-friendly system. Its main benefits are good cloud service, flexible system, nice wireless, easy installation and programming platform.

Maria Semertziadis, Pre-Sales Support Manager, Simon Technologies SA

SPC is a very reliable intrusion system. I like the SPC Connect app that allows me to control the system wherever I am. The system’s main benefits are full control and reliable function.

Uwe Eichhorn, Test Engineer, Siemens AG

SPC is fantastic. My favorite feature is SPC Connect. The technical support for SPC has a short response time to help customers. The main benefit of SPC for me is that it has both intrusion and access control options.

Ruben Vedeler, Technician, Avarn Security

SPC is fully featured yet simple to use. My favorite feature is SPC Connect. The systems main benefits for me have been simple installation and a lot of customization options.

Saša Matosic, Technical Support, Siemens Slovenija

SPC is a very good burglar alarm. My favorite feature is the SPC app. It is easy for the customer to handle their burglar alarm.

Olle Carlsson, Technician, Assemblin El AB

SPC’s best feature is the cloud-based SPC Connect. We have a lot of sites and this makes it way easier for us to maintain and secure our interests and make our customers’ demands easy to complete satisfactorily. I would highly recommend SPC.

Christopher Hull Fredriksson, Hammarö Kommun

SPC is very good. Its best feature is its flexibility. It is very easy to use and I would highly recommend it.

Tomas Ekman, Great Security AB

SPC is the best intrusion system on the market. My favourite SPC feature is the logical way it is configured. It save´s alot of time and it´s easy to costumise for the costumers needs. I would strongly recommend it. It is very easy to use.

Jimmy Björk, Siemens AB

SPC is a super good panel. My favourite feature is its cloud service. The main benefit I have experienced using SPC is how easy it is to install. I would strongly recommend SPC.

Roelof Jorritsma, RSE beveiliging bv

SPC is versatile and flexible. My favourite feature is the SPC integration with ACT Enterprise. A problem SPC helped with is how easy it is to program and install.

Henrik Knudsen, Vagtselskabet CS-Vagt

I would describe ACT Enterprise as excellent. The system’s best feature is the ACT Manage, which is very easy to use for end-users. ACT Enterprise also has great technical support when needed. I would highly recommend using it.

Graham Wheatley, Engineer, Catch Security Systems

I would describe ACT Enterprise as the best Access Control Software on the market. We love the new COVID-19 contact tracing. As our customers are already using ACT Enterprise, this feature is easy to add-on and provides a valuable extra service that we can offer our customers. With minimal effort we can utilize our customers RFID readers and take away the hassle of manually doing contact tracing.

Joe Lawlor, Owner, Safewatch Security Systems

SPC is the best system. It has great benefits such as SPC Connect. It is a very easy to use intrusion product.

Kenneth Våge, Project Manager, EDA Elektro Data Oslo AS

SPC is flexible, secure, and has a good support team. The system’s best features are its flexibility and easy handling. The main benefit I have found as an installer using SPC is having satisfied customers. SPC is very easy to use, and I would very highly recommend it to a friend.

Peter Kullin, CEO, Allsec Protect AB

SPC is reliable, easy to program and use. Its best feature is the simplified programming, and the cloud. I would highly recommend it to a friend and it is very easy to use.

Bruno Sembiante, SIS FRANCE

SPC’s best feature is its versatility. The systems multilingual options are a great addition. I would highly recommend it to a friend.

Reto Diethelm, CEO, Telsec ESS Schweiz AG

SPC is a perfect security system that combines intrusion detection and access control solutions and fulfills all customer requirements. The app has perfect functionality with remote access for remote maintenance. You can use SPC to protect anything from private homes to muesuems. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.

Franz Sturm, CEO, proSec Sicherheitstechnik, Österreich

SPC has a good, functional app. Its best features are door control and the app. SPC is very easy to use.

Paulo Jovanovic, CEO, BioFive in Austria GmbH

SPC has security for every need. Its best feature is the audio verification because this is a unique selling point. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.

Michael Röhrenbacher, G4S Security Systems GmbH

SPC is inexpensive, simple, and a visually appealing alarm system. Its best feature is the simple connection of new bus components.

Simon Langhoff, Product Manager, Siemens

SPC is modern and reliable. Its best feature is the SPC app because it is clear and mobile. I would highly recommend it to a friend. It is very easy to use.

Stefan Schwager, Engineer, SCHWAGER-SKE GmbH

One word I would use to describe SPC is innovative. Its best feature is remote access, therefore it offers good, fast service. I would highly recommend it to a friend.

André Bendermacher, CEO, BC Technik GmbH i.G.

In one word, I would describe SPC as brilliant. Its best features are the web interface and audio-video verification. I would highly recommend it to a friend.

Lukas Michalski, Gf/Technical Manager, Nemesys-Sicherheitstechnik

SPC is a mature, high quality, expandable product.

Thomas Kaltenecker, Owner, TK Sicherheitsanlagen

The SPC family is one for all - we can use it flexibly from the smallest to the largest project. Its best feature is SPC Connect because it offers huge added value for the customer and also simplifies remote diagnosis and management of the systems for us as installers. So far we have had no customer inquiries that we could not resolve with SPC.

Christian Lehofer, Head of Division, Alarmtech, Klimatech Handels- und Service GmbH

I would describe SPC as versatile. Its best feature is the connection from the E-bus to exchange old control panels.

Manuel Halder, Electrical engineering master, Altmannshofer

SPC is a very compact and extensive system with a good design. SPC is very good when replacing old control centers, while keeping other components, for example, Motion detector, broken glass, etc.

Wolfgang Breuner, Communications Technician, Sicherheitstechnik Breuner

SPC is simply perfect, with great remote maintenance options. The SPC intrusion detection system is in my opinion the best technology on the market. I always use the numerous cause and effect programming options. With this I was able to offer numerous customers "special effects" solutions. I have often used SPC technology not only as a burglar alarm system. Logical controls were also implemented by the SPC. That helped a lot. I would highy recommend it to a friend. It is easy to use.

Christian Foitl, Owner, CONCEPT Sicherheitstechnik

SPC’s technology is quite scalable for expansion.

Thomas Zosel, Electrical Engineer, SL Service und Verwaltungs

Vanderbilt’s Andy Yeoman went out of his way to help me, as we were going live and I had an issue I was unable to resolve myself. Even though it was escalated to R&D, it was sorted quickly. Swift response and same day resolution and updates throughout meant we achieved a go live last night. The system met the customer’s expectations, completion dates, and sign-off for their aviation audit accreditation for export. We always find Vanderbilt support very helpful and with swift resolutions. Thanks, Andy, for the support.

Ollie Law, Managing Director, Oliver Law Security Ltd

ACT365 is a simple solution. Remote handling is its most notebale feature. ACT365 saves times as there is no software to install. I would highly recommend ACT365 as it is easy to use.

Stephane Le Quellec, Entrepreneur, Sygmatel Electronique

ACT365’s best feature is its serverless management. I would recommend it to a friend. It is easy to use.

Christophe Malolepszy, Regional Manager, CCF

ACTpro is a simple access control system with economical hardware. Its best feature is the easy to use software. The simplicity of the software has helped me win many projects. I would recommend it to a friend because it is very easy to use.

Christophe Malolepszy, Regional Manager, CCF

ACT365 is a secure stable access reader. A problem it helped me solve is its ability to find suitable authentication options. ACT365 is very easy to use.

Simon Langhoff, Product Manager, Siemens

I would describe the ACTpro software as an interactive access control system. I would recommend it to a friend.

Simon Langhoff, Product Manager, Siemens

SPC is complete, scalable, and reliable. Its best feature is SPC Connectand its simple connection to the web page of the control panel through the cloud. It has helped me solve problems such as allowing me to pool small intrusion and access control configurations on a single system. I would highly recommend SPC because it is very easy to use.

Jérémy Libournet, Co-Manager, Sarl Evolsur.

SPC is a connected alarm system manageable from both a webpage and the cloud. Its best feature is FlexC communications protocol which is fast and flexible. SPC has helped me solved problems by being able to intervene remotely and rapidly to make modifications to the system. I would highly recommend SPC because it is very easy to use.

Kevin Mouradian, Director, Serenitys

SPC is a great product. The system’s best feature belongs to SPC Connect and the smartphone app that allow for remote management and maintenance. SPC’s ability to integrate with video cameras has helped us solve many problems. SPC is very easy to use. I would highly recommend it.

Bruno Belard, Responsable de contrat chez, Vinci Facilities

SPC’s best feature is how easy it is to use SPC Connect to remotely manage and maintain the system. In addition, there is also new firmware or features that keep the system rapidly evolving and up to date. I would recommend SPC.

Yassine M’Fitel, Technico-commercial, Serviacom

SPC is a practical, reliable, and a complete solution. SPC’s best features are the ability to remotely access the system for emergency management, as well as it’s access control compatibility with a large number of readers. The remote access feature has undoubtedly helped us solve a lot of problems. I would highly recommend SPC. It is easy to use.

Germain Yohann, Responsable achat et logistique, AB Sécurité

SPC is very easy to implement and operate. The system’s web connectivity is its best feature. Thanks to SPC’s web connection and remote management features it has helped me solve many problems. I would highly recommend SPC. It is easy to use.

Thomas Gele, Chargé d'affaire, Sygmatel Electronique

SPC is a powerful and flexible security solution. Its standout feature is its management through the cloud thanks to the SPC Connect platform. Thanks to the remote management through the cloud it has reduced unnecessary travel for me as all sites can be managed remotely through SPC Connect.

Stephane Le Quellec, Chef d'entreprise, Sygmatel Electronique

SPC is the complete product. It responds to all requirements and is a very popular product with all of our customers that use it. I would highly recommend SPC as it is very easy-to-use.

Serge Malherbe, Commercial, ADI Nantes

SPC is a simple to use, robust, and user-friendly intrusion system. The SPC web interface is the product’s best feature. Thanks to SPC’s integration features, it has helped us win projects that required integration with video protection software. I would highly recommend SPC as it is very easy-to-use.

Christophe Malolepszy, Responsable régional activités solutions, CCF

SPC is a very reliable and very intuitive system to install., and also comes with simple access control features for the end user too. I would highly recommend SPC to a friend. It is very easy-to-use.

Lionel Guerin, Technico-commercial, CCF Nantes

Say goodbye to the card or token and welcome the secure mobile credential issued by the system administrator. That's taking access control to new levels of security. Well done, Vanderbilt!

Derek Alan De Souza, System User

The future is now! Bluetooth will become the most popular readers, as mobile credentials will take over the role of and keys in the future, just as it has done with many other things like the wallet, camera, computer, music player, TV and movies, and e-books etc. Why hold on to unnecessary things?

Magnus Olofsson, ComDaTe AB (Sweden)

Vanderbilt's ACT is an access control system that meets complex requirements despite simple system architecture. Ingenious!

Stephan Ruchti, Managing Director , Siedler Alarm GmbH (Switzerland)

When you do my job and you have to manage Vanderbilt products, it's like loving cars and sitting in a Porsche! You take your time and appreciate every second of your installation!

Sebastien Gaillard, Senior Manager, SoPro Elec

SPC is a very stable alarm system with a long history. The system's best feature is its stability and easy programming combined with today's actual technologies. The main benefits we have found using SPC is that it has a nice market position between middle to big systems. Overall, I would summarize SPC by simply saying that it is easy-to-use.

Ondřej Maňas,Sales, SCANLOCK CZ

Due to installing Vanderbilt’s SPC system, the museum is safe. The system meets our expectations in the field of security. Thanks to their wireless equipment (receivers and detectors) we can protect the exhibits in the temporary exhibition. Vanderbilt turned out to be a very helpful company in installing and programming the security system in the building of the museum.

Michał Drobczyński, Maritime Culture Center, branch of National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, Poland

SPC is versatile, advanced, scalable and complete.

Gian Franco Ghilardi, CEO, Gruppo Sicurezza S.r.l. – Martinengo BG Italy

In one or more words, I would describe ACT365 as user friendly. I like the cloud-based feature best because it is so easy to access. On top of that, Vanderbilt’s technical services are excellent and questions are answered promptly and with expertise.

Ollie Law, Managing Director, Oliver Law Security Ltd

SPC is user friendly and modern. The SPC Connect app is by far, much better than other manufacturers. The main benefits of SPC is that it is easy-to-use for both the installer and the system user. I would highly recommend SPC.

Jimmy Kristensson, Security Manager, Br. Axelssons EL

Vanderbilt's ACT is one of the best access control products on the market. I have been using ACT for years. Great product. It just works and the software is very user friendly.

Joe Lawlor, Owner, Safewatch Security Systems

SPC is a high performance, hybrid intrusion and access control system. My favorite feature is the update that enables editing of users on SPC Connect.

Martin Guttesen, Technician, LM Electric

SPC Connect is an excellent solution that gives you the ability to connect online to control panels and easily re-program any feature. In this way, faults can also be dealt with straight away. Overall, SPC Connect is very easy-to-use.

Christopher O'Reilly, O'Reilly Alarms Ltd

ACT Enterprise is very easy-to-use. In one or more words I would describe it as excellent. My favorite feature is the rules mapping engine. ACT Enterprise has helped me solve monitoring backup generators on site for faults using the rules mapping engine to send alarms and trip alarm sounders.

Christopher O'Reilly, O'Reilly Alarms Ltd

We have almost 20 years’ experience with installing intrusion panels, so we are well aware of the products that are on the market. As we are a small company, it is very important for us to be able to deliver support from distance. With SPC Connect, the ability to be able to access our panels, to change users, to check configurations, to upgrade firmware, and to be able to restore to previous configurations was just what we were looking for. Thanks to Vanderbilt, we now have a product that not only meets the end user’s requirements, but also the requirements of the installer.

Dave Arys, General Manager, Waasland Security

In one or more words, SPC is flexible and trustworthy. My favorite features are the web portal and the integrated, enhanced control. I use SPC because its flexible structure requires less installation time.

Olaf van Wissen, CEO, SafetyCom B.V.

SPC Connect is the best online application for installers and customers that I have used. The reason being is Connect’s automatic backup from panels, the app is very fast, and the ability to connect with Eventys NVR. Overall, its main benefit is the fast and easy setup and programming involved. It is very easy to use.

Rikard Svensson, Security Technician and Certified Intrusion Engineer, Elinstallationer i Karlshamn AB Sweden

I vantaggi principali per Asda sono il monitoraggio dalla sede centrale e l'integrazione del controllo accessi con il sistema video e gli altri sistemi di gestione degli edifici abilitati IP utilizzati nei punti vendita. Il software ha permesso di raggiungere una certa uniformità, essendo compatibile con le smart card già in uso nei siti Asda. Questo ha consentito di risparmiare tempo e denaro, evitando qualsiasi reinserimento di dati.


Il software ACT ci ha permesso di installare la gamma ACTpro su diversi siti facenti capo a un unico sistema e di eseguire la manutenzione senza alcuna difficoltà. La gamma ACTpro ci consente di essere flessibili e di adattarci a ogni esigenza di controllo accessi, indipendentemente dalla sede.

Dickran Bledjian, MD of Maxima Systems

L'harware di ACT è semplice da installare e richiede pochissima manutenzione. Lo raccomandiamo per qualsiasi progetto di queste dimensioni, soprattutto in edifici moderni che necessitano di un design discreto ed elegante.

Maison de retraite des Lauriers

Sulla base della nostra esperienza con i due progetti per il St Botolphs Building, posso confermare che il sistema Entro ha soddisfatto ampiamente le nostre aspettative, superandone la maggior parte. È un sistema notevole, e lo dico avendo lavorato per molti anni nel settore del controllo accessi. Entro è un sistema sofisticato, flessibile, di facile utilizzo e con un eccellente rapporto qualità-prezzo.

St Botolphs

ACT Enterprise ci consente di assegnare i diritti sulla base di ruoli, zone e ore del giorno. Con il nuovo sistema di controllo accessi, una scheda smarrita viene semplicemente rimossa e subito sostituita. Grazie alla flessibilità e all'eccellente funzione di reporting di ACTpro Enterprise, per noi il controllo accessi è davvero una soluzione all-in-one.

4 New Square

Sono lieto che le nostre soluzioni all'avanguardia vengano installate in BCC. La nostra offerta di operabilità di fascia alta consente di gestire, monitorare ed eseguire la manutenzione dell'intero sistema a livello centrale tramite Smart Security. Oltre a garantire la massima sicurezza per tutte le filiali della banca, tale approccio è molto vantaggioso dal punto di vista economico.

Credito Cooperativo

In caso di bisogno, sappiamo che il team di ACT è all'altro capo del telefono. Sono a completa disposizione per qualsiasi problema o domanda relativa al software. Per noi è importante poter contare su un tale livello di assistenza. Significa che possiamo offrire un supporto di pari qualità ai nostri clienti e, su un mercato così competitivo, questo fa la differenza.

Colm Daly, DC Security, Galway Credit Union

Con questo sistema è molto semplice controllare chi va dove e quando. Questo consente agli utenti di avere facile e comodo accesso ai luoghi in cui devono recarsi, pur mantenendo un alto livello di controllo e sicurezza in tutta l'area.

Alfie Walsh, Electro Automation Ltd

Io e il mio team possiamo monitorare e gestire queste sedi attraverso una postazione centrale e, se si attiva un allarme, il centro di ricezione allarmi (ARC) esterno riceve una chiamata prima della notifica ai sottoscritti. Se necessario, l'ARC invierà il proprio personale o contatterà le forze di polizia se è necessario il loro intervento. Nel frattempo, noi sappiamo esattamente cosa sta succedendo nel sistema in tempo reale.

Stefan Cedervall, AB Säkerhet

Le prime reazioni che abbiamo ricevuto da Raymarine confermano che sono molto soddisfatti dell'impianto. Sono assolutamente certi che non solo soddisferà i loro attuali e severi requisiti per la sicurezza in questa prestigiosa sede, ma anche che è sufficientemente a prova di compatibilità futura per continuare su questa linea per molti anni a venire.

Graham Giles, Director, Network Security

La nostra reputazione dipende dalla fiducia che i nostri clienti hanno in noi. La flessibilità e l'affidabilità del sistema di controllo accessi Granta e la libertà della tecnologia Cotag per le smart card sono interamente in linea con questa cultura di fiducia e sicurezza.

Jim Gannon, Head of Security, Unipart

I risultati raggiunti hanno di gran lunga superato tutte le mie aspettative iniziali e ampiamente migliorato la mia efficienza quotidiana. Posso concentrarmi totalmente sulle mie attività principali, sicuro nella consapevolezza che abbiamo il più alto livello di sicurezza attivo e che qualsiasi problema potrà essere affrontato rapidamente.

Niclas Pederson, IT Manager, Fitness World

Cerchiamo sempre di migliorare la sicurezza e di essere al passo con i tempi. Per questo abbiamo scelto un sistema di controllo accessi che utilizza la più moderna tecnologia ed è totalmente espandibile.

Barry Gendron, Head of Security, The Ritz London

SiPass Integrated si sta dimostrando pienamente all'altezza delle nostre aspettative iniziali, che erano a dire il vero molto alte. Il sistema è incredibilmente versatile. Può essere programmato per fare quasi ogni cosa e abbiamo ricevuto una straordinaria assistenza dal team Security Products al momento della sua configurazione per adattarlo alle nostre precise esigenze. Il sistema offre anche un'eccellente funzione di reporting – migliore di qualsiasi altro sistema che ho visto – altro aspetto molto importante per noi.

Valerie Davis, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Abbiamo vissuto un'esperienza davvero appagante al King's College Hospital, dove gli amministratori del Trust hanno fatto un uso innovativo del sistema e spinto ai massimi livelli le sue funzionalità.

Andy Purvis, Managing Director, NT Security

Abbiamo creato un sistema con una gerarchia di diritti di accesso per i membri del personale e i visitatori in base al loro profilo e superiorità di grado. I responsabili della struttura possono generare schede che permettono di operare una distinzione tra personale medico e non medico, possibili orari di lavoro o visita, e accedere alle aree di massima sicurezza come le sale autoptiche.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director, IC Integrated Security

Siamo entusiasti del nuovo impianto e delle opportunità che offre. Sta davvero facendo un'eccellente impressione su tutti coloro che lo vedono, con apprezzamenti speciali rivolti alla qualità delle immagini. Utilizziamo il 720p, e ci è stato detto più volte dai visitatori, molti dei quali hanno una vasta esperienza in fatto di video, che il nostro sistema fornisce le immagini migliori che abbiano mai visto.

Daniel Looney, Head of IC, Douglas Borough Council

È gratificante vedere che, anche dopo mesi di estenuante utilizzo, le apparecchiature Vanderbilt sono ancora in condizioni eccellenti e interamente idonee per essere utilizzate altrove. A ogni stadio del progetto siamo rimasti soddisfatti delle prestazioni, della versatilità e dell'affidabilità delle apparecchiature, e ora ci dimostrano anche la loro eccezionale durevolezza. Dal nostro punto di vista, scegliere apparecchiature Vanderbilt è stata senza dubbio una decisione eccellente, sia dal punto di vista tecnico che finanziario.

Ian Kendall, Serco Group

Possiamo facilmente produrre schede che forniscono al personale presente nella base l'accesso a qualsiasi combinazione di porte. Possiamo inoltre modificare rapidamente le autorizzazioni quando cambiano le mansioni e accertarci che, se qualcuno dovesse lasciare la base, la relativa scheda non sarà più valida. Questi aspetti sono molto importanti, poiché vi è un flusso continuo di gente che arriva e lascia la base.

Martin Søgaard, Greenland Contractors

Il sistema sta funzionando estremamente bene, è molto reattivo e il livello di automazione che abbiamo raggiunto va oltre le nostre aspettative. Stiamo riscontrando un'affidabilità di molto superiore, garantendo al tempo stesso un ambiente sicuro e protetto. Ciò si traduce, inoltre, in un'esperienza più sicura e affidabile per i nostri utenti.

IT Director, Maryland University, Maryland University

Non vi è effettivamente nulla che il sistema Vanderbilt non possa fare. Molti sistemi spesso mancano di funzionalità o di compatibilità. Al contrario, il sistema Vanderbilt può rispondere a ogni nostra esigenza ed è personalizzabile, cosicché se emergono problemi vi sono buone probabilità che saremo in grado di risolverli e implementare nuove opzioni in futuro.

Matt Zimmerman, Security Integration Project Manager, LaForce Inc.

Gli istituti di insegnamento hanno spesso un grande flusso di iscrizioni in un breve periodo, compresa la necessità di nuova iscrizione da parte degli studenti che passano all'anno successivo. La soluzione fornita ci ha offerto precisione e tracciabilità.

Mark Jackson, CCS Ltd

Il sistema di sicurezza rende molto più semplice e sicura la vita dei residenti e del personale. Fornisce una copertura completa senza essere invadente e, dal punto di vista dell'installatore, le apparecchiature Vanderbilt sono di facile utilizzo, oltre ad essere affidabili.

Chris Aspinall, T G Baker

Siamo entusiasti del sistema di controllo accessi ACTpro messo in campo da ARJ. Soddisfa, e persino supera, tutti i criteri che avevamo stabilito in partenza. Siamo particolarmente contenti dell'integrazione con il nostro sistema di pagamento cashless e la capacità di creare modelli di tessere individuali sia per il personale che per i visitatori.

Pauline Simpkins, Facility Manager, Atkins

Ho trovato il sistema incredibilmente intuitivo e semplice da usare. Il controllo accessi ci ha consentito di poter monitorare e sorvegliare la porta principale d'accesso quando la reception è sguarnita. Il sistema di rilevazione presenze e orari è inoltre molto semplice, ma altamente efficace e ha soddisfatto tutte le mie esigenze. Questo ha anche aumentato la nostra produttività.

Nick Pinfield, Pinfields Accountants

Con l'installazione dei prodotti Vanderbilt fornita da Presec, i nostri dipendenti hanno semplice e rapido accesso a tutte le aree in cui devono entrare: ciò può fare una grande differenza in una situazione di emergenza. Non devono più preoccuparsi di fare attenzione a non perdere le chiavi o dimenticare i codici.

Chris Newton, East Midlands Ambulance Service

Noi prendiamo molto seriamente il problema della sicurezza e vogliamo essere certi di disporre di un sistema in grado di proteggere persone, proprietà e beni con la massima efficacia possibile. Sono certo che, grazie a Cel-Tronics e Vanderbilt, disponiamo dei mezzi migliori per conseguire questo importante obiettivo.

Bank Pekao, Bank Pekao

Uno dei molti meriti delle apparecchiature ACT è che non abbiamo dovuto installare alcun cavo, poiché i controllori operano dal cablaggio LAN della struttura e si agganciano al condotto esistente. Questo non soltanto riduce le interferenze di natura tecnica sull'attività principale dell'aeroporto, ma è anche ecologico perché riduce al minimo dell'uso di materiali. Oggi disponiamo di un sistema che è completamente indirizzabile su protocollo IP.

Martin Gould, ICTS UK

Il nuovo sistema video che abbiamo adottato offre un contributo importante al nostro continuo impegno per garantire che il Millenium Stadium conservi il proprio apprezzato ruolo come una delle sedi più popolari e prestigiose per eventi sportivi e di intrattenimento del Regno Unito. Il nuovo sistema ci permette di fornire ai visitatori l'esperienza di un ambiente sicuro e confortevole e, grazie alla registrazione 24 ore su 24 e 7 giorni su 7 di recente introduzione, ci aiuta anche a mantenere il luogo sicuro e protetto da furti e atti vandalici.

Gerry Toms, Manager, Millennium Stadium

Il nuovo sistema video è una grande risorsa per noi. Ci sta aiutando a conseguire la nostra massima priorità che è garantire la sicurezza dei visitatori.

Kirsten Meldrum, Commercial Development Manager, Cadbury World

Estenderemo il sistema SMS di Vanderbilt all'edificio adibito ai servizi medici d'emergenza (EMS) e potremo aggiungere un sistema di controllo accessi granulare anche al tribunale per segmentare ulteriormente le aree. È nostra intenzione espandere e ingrandire la soluzione SMS di Vanderbilt in funzione del tempo, delle esigenze e del budget a disposizione.

Christopher Hamer, Network Administrator, Bradford County Sheriffs Office

Il tempo è essenziale in una situazione di emergenza. I nostri vigili del fuoco e volontari necessitano di una soluzione di gestione degli accessi che sia facile da usare, affidabile e che permetta loro di lasciare l'edificio il più rapidamente possibile. Il sistema bright blue di Vanderbilt risponde a questa esigenza.

Chris Strauss, Fire Chief, East Whiteland Fire Company

È la prima volta che usiamo il sistema Entro. Ci hanno particolarmente attratto il design intuitivo dei componenti hardware, la facile configurazione, la flessibilità del sistema e il prezzo molto competitivo. Inoltre, sapevamo dalla nostra lunga esperienza nel settore della sicurezza che i prodotti Vanderbilt hanno un'eccellente reputazione di qualità e affidabilità.

Des Brennan, Contracts Manager, Gallant Security Systems