However, with rapid growth comes a significant demand for technology capable of managing the risks and logistics of an organization this large. The team at ATL originally had a security system with software that did not meet the company's scalability goals and decided to look for a solution that provided API integration with third-party software platforms and was able to fire muster reporting software across the organization. Additionally, scalability across the infrastructure and better engineer support and response were priorities for the highly active logistics site.

Enter ACT365.

After conducting a customer and site survey, ATL determined they needed a "future-proof" system. In order to best accomplish this, the team decided that a cloud-based solution was the way forward: one that ensured any new hardware chosen would work with their existing Mifare range of credentials. After searching for a solution that fit the bill, ATL set its sights on ACT365. "Because the team had created a list of needs and a roadmap for the future, the obvious choice for us was ACT365," said Joel Thompson, Director of ATL and ACT365 end user. "With OLS as a Gold integration partner for ACT365, we knew we could achieve the API flexibility we needed and create custom integrations with multiple databases going forward if required."

As a result of their switch to ACT365, ATL has found that cloud-based access control authorizes the integrator support team to manage the system from any location to assist in troubleshooting problems and to advise users on making modifications step by step. Additionally, by operating through the cloud, ATL has found a streamlined way to monitor multiple sites without investing in additional servers, costing them less over time. As the company grows, ACT365 will prove its scalability as it can protect new locations as buildings are added or renovated. ACT365 can also integrate with other systems, such as intrusion detection and video surveillance, to create a comprehensive security infrastructure, which ATL can explore later if they choose to do so.

According to the OLS Integration team, the company was in dire need of a solution, and when ACRE and ACT365 came into the equation, the choice was easy. "With excellent customer service from account management, IT, and marketing, it has become an invaluable relationship for OLS and our customer base," said Ollie Law, MD, of Ollie Law Security. "As an integrator specializing in transitioning customers to the cloud, we are proud to work with ACRE and know that our customer base is getting the greatest and latest technology with ACT365."