The Brief:

The marina wanted an access control system that could integrate with their booking system, Harba.

Solutions Provided:

  1. There are 750 members with boats in the Vejle marina, and through the Harba booking system, they are issued a 6-digit personal PIN code or a tag.
  2. With this PIN code, they can then access and use the facilities of the marina, such as the toilets, showers, laundry rooms, and kitchen.
  3. This is done by simply typing their PIN into the ACT365 reader at each entry point of the marina facilities.
  4. All services are then automatically billed on a monthly base via the Harba booking system.
  5. This access control booking strategy ensures that the marina’s facilities are kept free for member use only.

Why choose Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 readers are made of robust polycarbonate housing and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting. The reader controls a single door and uses a voltage free relay contact. ACT365 has:

  • A modern and user-friendly design
  • A limitless number of users
  • The possibility for short-term access
  • Both RFID tags and smartphone access availability.

Main Takeaway:

For non-member boaters who are visiting the Vejle marina, a self-service terminal, the Harba Kiosk, is also available to use. This self-service terminal allows non-members to use their credit card to pay for the use of the marina facilities. Similar to the Harba app for members, non-members will receive a PIN code from the Harba kiosk via email or SMS which they can then input into the ACT365 readers.

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