The Mauritius Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Project, otherwise known as the Metro Express, is a new light rail public transport system in Mauritius. As the rail system is brand new, it also needed a new access control system to protect and secure it.

Solutions Provided:

  • HFCL chose to install Vanderbilt’s ACT access control system to help secure the Metro Express project.
  • ACT Enterprise server V2.8.0.46 was configured in the Metro Express Project.
  • ACT is an award-winning access control system with several key features such as a smartphone app, a rules mapping engine, video integration, plus integration with Vanderbilt’s award-winning intrusion detection system, SPC.

ACT Highlights:

  • Simple plug and play with device detection
  • Simple wiring with IP or RS485 at the door
  • Flat system architecture
  • Fully customizable to your requirements

About the Installer:

The Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL), a leading telecom infrastructure provider, is making an aggressive foray in the railway telecommunications network. For more information, visit


“We chose Vanderbilt’s ACT access control because it is user friendly and reliable. The Vanderbilt solution complied with all of our client’s requirements. It is installed and working successfully.”
  • Siddharth Jindal, HCFL India.