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Feenics is a secure and flexible cloud-based access control solution that can be accessed from anywhere using a simple user interface. It is scalable and provides the ultimate choice to manage security infrastructures, integrate third-party applications and reduce capital expenditure.

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The ACRE Feenics Solution:

  • A cloud-first solution that offers users scalable and flexible performance from anywhere in the world
  • Built on open architecture and fortified by the security, disaster recovery, and redundancy of Amazon Web Services
  • Is cyber secure with advanced encryption that is hardened on multiple fronts, so you can sleep easy knowing your people and data are safe
  • Has high-performance capabilities with a robust feature set enabling customization and optimization for your security operations
  • Balances security and performance with convenience and ease of use with interoperability like no other in the industry

The above only scratches the surface of what the Feenics solution can do for your organization. Check out our latest Case Stories below for proof of concept:

Discover the benefits Feenics Cloud solutions offers the following sectors

  • Healthcare environments
  • Government buildings
  • Financial institutions
  • Education establishments
  • Property management
  • Commercial real estate
  • Critical infrastructure