AccesSecurity 2019

6 - 7 März 2019, Marseille


Marseille Chanot, the Marseille Exhibition and Convention Centre, Marseilles, France.


Sam Lord - Veranstaltungsmanager

Vanderbilt at AccesSecurity 2019

The Mediterranean Security business event

Vanderbilt are excited by the many opportunities our product portfolio can solve. At AccesSecurity 2019, we will be showcasing the latest award-winning products such as  ACT365 and SPC Connect alongside our Access ControlIntrusion Detection and Video solutions. You can arrange a one to one meeting before arriving by filling in the form below. We look forward to seeing you there.

Security Products Showcased

ACT Enterprise's new feature set focuses on integration with Assa Abloy's Aperio wireless locks and interfaces with Vanderbilt's award-winning SPC intrusion system. The new additions to the access control software also include a smartphone app for instant remote monitoring, plus a rules mapping engine that allows you to create rules based on action events through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

SiPass and SeeTec integration secures entrances with a combination of access control and video surveillance. Unauthorized persons will trigger an alert in the access control system. This alert is then forwarded to the SeeTec software. With an alarm scenario on the SeeTec interface, staff are informed so that they can use a camera to get a general overview and act appropriately.

SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets for users who want an intrusion detection system that offers versatile operation and comprehensive alarm management functionality. The latest version of the system is aimed at  improving the customer experience with enhancements that will speed up installations.

SPC is is now fully integrated with the COSMO PSIM+ software. In this way, with COSMO it is possible to manage/control one or several security systems from a single web platform. This connection, in constant communication, allows to check for failures, malfunctions or alarms, and are presented in real time on the COSMO web platform.

More Security Integrations at AccesSecurity in France

The  SPC Milestone plugin allows users to trigger off events and control SPC systems from within the Milestone system. The instant and remote access to any potential alarm helps save a huge amount of time for those involved in maintaining the system. The plugin is aimed at improving the customer experience by providing a bi-directional communication strategy.

ACT365 is Vanderbilt's truly integrated access control and video management solution, offering provides remote set-up, servicing and support.  Winner of a Detektor International Award in the IoT category in 2018,  ACT365 offers the installer simplicity and ease-of-use. ACT365’s software is dedicated to a simple mantra - adaptability and flexibility. Miles on the road eat up time. ACT365 technology helps ease this situation.

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