ComNet is a major provider of transmission and network communication solutions. Comnet is an industry leading, global provider of intuitive communication solutions for some of the most demanding operational requirements, many in challenging non-conditioned environments. We provide Ethernet (IP) and legacy interface (Audio, analogue video, contact closure and RS Data) interfaces over copper, fiber and wireless mediums.

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  • Hosted by ComNet Nordic
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    The event will be hosted by Thomas Risager - Country Sales Manager for Vanderbilt Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland & ComNet Nordic, together with Magnus Kjettselberg - Sales Manager for ComNet Nordic.


    18 November 2020 | Stockholm, Sweden | 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00 Register

    ComNet CONNECTED, an event hosted by Vanderbilt & ComNet at Coors Konferens in Stockholm, will introduce attendees to the ComNet brand and portfolio. 

    Specific topics covered during the day-long session include:

    • ComNet hardened switches.
    • ComNet’s added values.
    • Plus, an exclusive opportunity to see the newest ComNet switch in our portfolio. 

    Ethernet-based security networks perform a critical role in security, so this event is an excellent opportunity to go through our range of hardened industrial products, and understand how to keep the network functioning optimally by achieving the highest level of control and management.

    Note: The deadline for signing up for this event is 4th November at 12.00.

  • Hosted by Iain Deuchars
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    Having served an engineering apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence and read for his degree in electronic systems at the Royal Military College of Science, Iain Deuchars worked for a number of years on satellite communications projects for the UK military. Following this he moved to the commercial sector and became involved in optical communications primarily in the security and surveillance markets. 

    Iain has held senior positions in a number of electronic communication companies and is currently General Manager for ComNet International, where he is involved in both technical and commercial aspects for the Company.

    Webinar: Port Guardian & Implementation in Solutions

    Recorded | On demand | Duration 30 minutes Register

    An Introduction to Comnet’s Port Guardian, hard Cyber Security feature, showing the benefits it brings to IP Security & Surveillance systems. 

    Comnet Contact Closure Server, features, benefits and the use of Port Guardian to enhance network security when implementing the solution.

    3 Takeaways attendees can expect:

    • Understanding of Port Guardian and new Comnet products
    • How to protect an network from physical attack
    • How to send contact closure signals through an IP network

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