cloud based access control

It’s a well-known fact by now that the cloud is having an impact on the security industry and it is here to stay. Within the scope of physical security, the cloud allows organizations to implement a robust access control security solution without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure. Instead, the security application is hosted in an off-premise data centre, managed by either the integrator, end user or both.

ACT365 - Cloud Based Access Control from Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is a cloud-based access control and video management solution. It delivers seamless integration between access control and video and is accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

The spearhead of ACT365’s benefits is that it is hosted in the Cloud and therefore delivers remote access and instant management to protect your premises. Access control and video management are key security systems. ACT365 creates a complete system, delivering a force that gives business owners far greater visibility and control of their property.

Key benefits and typical applications for ACT365

ACT365 - Complete Security, Anytime, Anywhere

If there is somebody at your site entrance, you can verify the person and open the door with a click of a button - all from your smartphone. Consider this, say an incident occurs at a door, as they often do, and the cash office is broken into. ACT365 allows you to simply click on the access control event “Door Forced” to locate and review recorded footage of the incident occurring whether you are in, or out of the office. Without ACT365, the existing alternatives involve being on site, trying to match up times on disparate security systems and sifting through reams of footage to locate the incident.


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