Want a solution to help you control who enters your property along with the ability to verbally and visually confirm their identity? Look no further...

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Akuvox is the leading IP Door Entry Phone (DEP) solution within the Vanderbilt portfolio tailored to support both standalone and Vanderbilt’s access control system support scenarios. The Akuvox portfolio has a range of solutions to cover your needs for single occupancy buildings, or multi-tenant office and residential buildings.

With cloud and mobile apps, Akuvox offers a cloud intercom system that allows for smartphone video calling and unlocking, the issuing of temporary keys via QR Code (R29 Only), and a centralized remote property maintenance system.

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Why you should choose Akuvox Door Entry Phone security

1. Increase security on residential and commercial premises.

2. Easily monitor door or gate entrances.

3. Cloud and mobile apps for ease of use and convenience.

4. Free up the productivity of personal by no longer needing them to be stationed at entrances.

5. Speed up your response time to visitors and deliveries that require access.

  Did you know?

Using the Akuvox cloud eliminates the need for on-site SIP servers as this is built into the Akuvox platform!

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The Akuvox Portfolio from Vanderbilt

  • R29 smart IP Video Doorphone.
  • R27 Video Doorphone.
  • R20A Video Doorphone.
  • IT82W audio and video communication interface.
  • C315 audio and video communication interface.

Product Breakdown: What Akuvox delivers

The R29 smart IP Video Doorphone at a glance

Enables audio and visual monitoring of doors and gates and uses the latest H.264 video and G.722 audio codec to provide you with the highest quality video image and audio clarity.

Top 3 Standout Features:

  • Enables audio and visual monitoring of entrances which increases security on residential or commercial premises.
  • Uses the latest H.264 video and G.722 audio codec to provide you with the highest quality video image and audio clarity.
  • Allows both audio and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or softphone.

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The R27 Video Doorphone & R20A Video Doorphone at a glance

Akuvox's R27 Video Doorphone and R20A Video Doorphone enables you to easily monitor an entrance door or gate and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your facility is more secure.

Top 3 R27 Standout Features:

  • Vandal-resistant body, with flush buttons.
  • Wide-angle camera: 120º.
  • PoE (IEEE802.3af, Power-over-Ethernet).

Top 3 R20A Standout Features:

  • Wide-angle camera: Horizontal 120º, Vertical 65 º.
  • PoE (IEEE802.3af, Power-over-Ethernet).
  • Two-way audio communication over IP networks with Echo Cancel feature.

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The IT82W audio and video communication interface & the C315 audio and video communication interface at a glance

The Akuvox IT82W and the Akuvox C315 multifunctional communicators, with Android operating systems, provide audio and video communication with door phones via SIP 2.0 protocol. They deliver the ultimate touch screen experience in an unobtrusive, space-saving design.

Top 3 IT82W Standout Features:

  • 7” capacitive touch screen with energy-saving mode.
  • Built-in Soft Keys for quick access, messaging and call features.
  • Reception of a HD picture from the door communicator.

Top 3 C315 Standout Features:

  • Two-way communication with other units in the network, based on SIP v2.0 protocol.
  • Powered by PoE or external source.
  • Supports US or European electrical wall box mounting.

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Still not convinced? Here’s what else you should know

  • Quick and easy to install

Akuvox’s solutions are straightforward to install. Simply buy one door station, one internal monitor, and a POE switch, and you have an intercom solution for your building!

  • Simple wiring installation

With every Akuvox product, wiring is made easy thanks to their Screwless Terminal Blocks.

  • Cloud management system

Installers and property managers can utilize the Akuvox cloud for multiple sites from the online platform.