The course is designed for beginners as well as experienced installers and salespeople without any specific SiPass integrated system knowledge. The course is for individuals that are mainly dealing with medium to large market segments. To do this course, participants must have an entry-level knowledge of Access Control as well as PC and Windows experience. It is also suggested that partakers have an understanding of basic network principles and an Electro Technical background. After training the attendant is qualified to sell, configure and commision a SiPass integrated Access Control System. The course should provide base-level technical information and programming knowledge about the SiPass integrated access control system, including the topics; system functions, system options, door controllers and door readers.

After this training module, the attendee will be able to:

  • have a good overview of the SiPass Access Control portfolio and the SiPass integrated product family
  • understand the architecture of SiPass integrated as well as the different possibilities that exist and how to use the various system components
  • be able to install and update the SiPass integrated software
  • be able to install and configure the basic hardware and system functions
  • be aware of the systems functionalities and expansion possibilities
  • use and understand time plans, access levels and access groups
  • create and manage access profiles, temporary access profiles and offline access profiles
  • define functions like interlocking, dual custody, guard tour and visitor handling
  • be able to configure the basic hosts and controllers 'event tasks'
  • be able to define alarm classes, graphics functions and user management
  • be aware of different anti-passback functionalities that are available
  • understand the function, configuration and integration of the wireless Salto reader components
  • be able to create reports and evaluations with the 'Explorer' function

If you need Visa support, please add your full name (as on passport), date of birth, nationality, passport number, function and company in the comments field.

Costs: The training fee is 200 EUR per participant and day. At the end of each training course, you will receive a voucher amounting to 100 EUR per participant and per day. This voucher can be redeemed only once (for material orders) within a 3-month period after the completion the training course. Furthermore, the net order value for redeeming the voucher must be at least twice as high as the value of the voucher. When ordering, please indicate the unique voucher number otherwise the amount will not be deduced from the total amount of your purchase.

Language: English

Town: Karlsruhe

Date: 23.10.18 - 26.10.18

Time: 09:00-17:00

Please Note: Training for Aliro, SiPass Integrated Advanced and SiPass Entro Standard is available on demand.

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