The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has presented a challenge to communities and businesses, where the use of physical security systems has become more than a means to prevent criminal activity. Part of the post-Covid new normal is managing a location’s occupancy levels to ensure social distancing or allowing hands-free entrance. Security measures for Covid-19 already involve using facial recognition or temperature detection devices that can check if people are wearing a mask, retail units, offices, healthcare units and other public places can ensure the safe protective measures with minimal disruption to services. 

How will our post-Covid world look like?

As factories, offices, retail stores and venues across the globe move towards re-opening, we will all be returning to a new “normal”. Physical security for businesses is prepared to adapt to the new Covid-19 reality with touchless access control readers, biometrics, facial recognition with temperature and mask detection, contactless door access systems, Bluetooth readers, and software for managing social distance.

Post-Covid recovery plans are overall focused on implementing reliable strategies to help create a safer environment for staff and visitors.

Post-Covid-19 security systems

The team at Vanderbilt are leading the way in developing security solutions to protect not only our people, but also our customers and the broader global community to ensure that their businesses can also prepare for a safe return to work at a time when Access Control solutions can help create a safe environment.

ACTpro Access Control Software

Visitor management systems allow visitors to be pre-planned by your organization and can include important health and safety information that visitors must comply with in your building. Visitor check-in and tracking processes can be integrated with the ACTpro access control system. Our Access Control solutions can manage the number of people in an area at any one time.We recently showed a demo of how to track the number of people allowed into a facility.

Bluetooth readers for door entry, touch-free exit buttons

Contactless credentials to provide user access are essential in creating a safe work environment. Bluetooth enabled smartphones offer an effective form of touchless access control. Also the touch-free exit buttons operate on infra-red technology allowing doors to be opened without touching. We explained in this video the “Show to go” and “Shake to go” features of our Bluetooth access control readers compatible with ACT Enterpriseaccess control software.

Touch-free biometric devices: face recognition, palm & mask recognition systems

The addition of the  Facial Recognition Terminals with Temperature Detection into our portfolio allows us to continue providing our customers a safer environment for staff and visitors during this unprecedented time. How facial recognition works: a reader will detect if the temperature of an individual is below a threshold before the system grants access. The reader will also check any combination of facial recognition, palm biometric scan, or even a traditional card (with a reader). The device can also check whether the person is wearing a mask before letting them enter.

Security solutions provided by Vanderbilt

At Vanderbilt, we have explored best practices for protecting employees and visitors when they come to a building. By implementing the following security strategies, we believe businesses can help create a safe environment.

  • People counting systems
  • Contactless access control devices
  • Contact tracing solutions and reports
  • Biometric access control
  • Occupancy management systems
  • Remote security management and maintenance
  • Providing alarm when thresholds are met to alert cleaning staff to cleanse an area