We have almost 20 years’ experience with installing intrusion panels, so we are well aware of the products that are on the market. As we are a small company, it is very important for us to be able to deliver support from distance. With SPC Connect, the ability to be able to access our panels, to change users, to check configurations, to upgrade firmware, and to be able to restore to previous configurations was just what we were looking for. Thanks to Vanderbilt, we now have a product that not only meets the end user’s requirements, but also the requirements of the installer.

Dave Arys, General Manager, Waasland Security

In one or more words, SPC is flexible and trustworthy. My favorite features are the web portal and the integrated, enhanced control. I use SPC because its flexible structure requires less installation time.

Olaf van Wissen, CEO, SafetyCom B.V.

SPC Connect is the best online application for installers and customers that I have used. The reason being is Connect’s automatic backup from panels, the app is very fast, and the ability to connect with Eventys NVR. Overall, its main benefit is the fast and easy setup and programming involved. It is very easy to use.

Rikard Svensson, Security Technician and Certified Intrusion Engineer, Elinstallationer i Karlshamn AB Sweden

The main benefits for Asda are central monitoring from headquarters and integration of access control with video and any other IP-enabled building management system in use at the stores. The software has allowed uniformity by being able to function with Asda’s existing smart cards. This has produced both financial and time savings and the avoidance of any re-keying of data.


ACT’s software allowed us to easily install and maintain the ACTpro range for multiple locations using one system. The ACTpro range gives us the flexibility to meet any access control challenge, regardless of location.

Dickran Bledjian, MD of Maxima Systems

ACT hardware is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. We recommend it for any job this size, especially on modern buildings where discreet and stylish design is required.

Maison de retraite des Lauriers

Based on our experience with the two projects in the St Botolphs Building, I can confirm that the Entro system has lived up to all of our expectations and surpassed most of them. It's a very impressive system, and I say that as someone who has worked in access control for many years. Entro is a top-end system that's flexible, easy to work with and excellent value for money.

St Botolphs

ACT Enterprise allows us to assign rights based on roles, zones and time of the day. With the new access control system, a lost card is easily removed and a replacement issued straight away. Flexibility, paired with ACTpro Enterprise’s powerful reporting ability, means access control really is an all-in-one solution for us.

4 New Square

I am delighted that our cutting-edge solutions are being installed across BCC. The high-end operability we provide means that the entire system can be centrally managed, monitored and maintained by Smart Security. As well as ensuring maximum security for all bank branches, this approach is incredibly cost effective.

Credito Cooperativo

We know the guys at ACT are at the end of the phone if we need them. If we have any issues or question about the software they are more than happy to help. Having that level of customer support available to us is important. It means we can offer the same quality of support to our clients, and in such a competitive market, that makes a difference.

Colm Daly, DC Security, Galway Credit Union