ACRE CRM Business Owner



About ACRE

ACRE are aligned with key industry evolution, focusing on authentication, infrastructure, and the convergence of systems and technologies to support future-proofing customers through the advancement of value-based solutions that deliver superior, seamless user experiences.

Operating efficiently worldwide, ACRE take care in delivering exceptional security and transmission solutions that safeguard peace of mind across a broad variety of customer application needs including banking, education, healthcare, retail, and more.

Our core values focus on a culture of empowerment in a collaborative environment. Combined with a forward-thinking market approach that aims to deliver high-performance results, we ensure to first approach every solution through the viewpoint of our customers. These characteristics are the distinctive marks of ACRE and the foundation of our drive to become the number one solutions provider in the markets we serve.

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Our Scope

ACRE is moving to a global CRM instance globally and engaging all functions for Customer 360 capture with the design. For the project design, execution and ongoing enhancements, ACRE is looking for a servant lead, who guides and communicates the implementation of the organization’s CRM (SFDC) by deeply understanding its stakeholders. The responsible person will collaborate closely with them to help achieve ACRE’s desired outcomes while ensuring the long-term success of the CRM for the benefit of the entire organization.


Design Thinking - Listen, observe, and empathize with stakeholder needs, aspirations, concerns and frustrations as it pertains to the CRM and integrated technologies. Collaboratively define problems and ideate in problem solving. Through discovery, experimentation, prototyping, and testing, ensure new features and capabilities are easy to use and solve business problems effectively.

Business Needs - Understand how internal and external users interact with the CRM and the value they gain from it. Identify process fixes, modifications, and new approaches that are requested or observed as needed or wanted.

Process Definition - Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to help define and encourage best practices across business and system work-flow processes. Establish cadence for regular stakeholder review meetings. As much as possible, promote cross-site and cross-system consistency as it pertains to CRM structure and processes.

Product Knowledge - Continuous learning for all aspects of and around the CRM in its current implementation, history and unrealized potential from user stand point. Understand the difference between configuration-based solutions and customization-based solutions and the implications of each.


Road mapping/Prioritization - Suggest areas of focus, proactively help prioritize (need vs business gain in monetary and efficiency terms) with appropriate user acceptance criteria and ensure the team is solving the right problems at the correct time. Work with leadership to ensure product priorities align with organizational priorities.

Mitigate Risks - Actively listen, ask questions, facilitate team communication, and plan appropriate testing to reduce performance risk and protect the team efficiency and organization.

CRM Operations Team Partnership - Collaborate with the CRM operations staff (CIO office and 3rd party company) to define, design, accept, adapt and roll out features for their benefit and other departments. Ensure new features are supportable and maintainable by the CRM operations staff.

Product and Feature Launches - Work closely with relevant internal and external stakeholder teams to decide on product new features launches and new releases.

Documentation - Develop support materials for internal customers and consumers of the programs and facilitate, when needed, cross-functional education on processes

To do so, you are

  • Strong team player who autonomously manages and prioritizes own work
  • Flexible - Able to thrive in a dynamic environment and manage multiple competing priorities
  • Strong technical aptitude - Able to drive technically complex projects for the CRM and be responsible for turning that complexity into a simple user experience.
  • Innovative - Demonstrates passion for innovation and solving problems with technology. Works daily to help plan coordinate, communicate, design, mock, test, and iterate on the CRM.
  • Curious/Empathetic - Willing to ask insightful questions and demonstrates the empathy to go beyond the surface to find deeper insights.
  • Strong communicator - Addresses all audiences using different methods with a focus on long-term clarity. Actively listens and gains insight, then translates it into compelling stories.
  • Persistent - Motived to achieve team/vision success and will persist when others give up.
  • Inspirational - Creates enthusiasm through story-telling, actions, and results.
  • Generous- Willing to share information transparently and generously throughout the organization; does not covet information to win arguments or for personal gain.
  • Open/Humble - Willing to seek new ideas, open-minded, and constantly learns; needs to be aware of personal limitations and acknowledge failures quickly.
  • Analytical – Uses data to drive product discovery, optimization, and delivery efforts.
  • Organized - Systematically arrays product knowledge, strategy, and operations to leverage efficiency and clarity.

Education and/or Professional Experience

  • 3-4 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Associate degree in Business or related discipline. Candidates with equivalent education plus relevant work experience may be considered.
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator is a plus
  • ERP system experience preferred (SAP or comparable)
  • IT Incident Management experience preferred (ServiceNow or comparable)
  • Proficient with CRM tools
  • Proficient with CRM business integrations

Language Skills

  • Ability to effectively communicate in the English language verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to speak another language plus and preferred.
  • Ability to read and interpret technical journals, specifications.


  • Some international travel.